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Naturally formulated to provide sustained energy when you are Running, Swimming, Biking or just running out of Energy.

"From a very young age, I would accompany my father to the local track when he went for his daily run and when he looked back, I wasn't far behind!
As I trained over the years and graduated into a competitive triathlete, I continually searched for an energy source that was all-natural, easily digestible, and great-tasting - what athletes should eat to keep going strong.

I hit the kitchen in 1997 and pulling one of my Italian family's old cookie recipes, I turned it into an all-natural energy bar with Vegan-friendly and organic ingredients.”

- New News: April 2010

  "My recipe soon outgrew my kitchen, making way for the new and improved 3BAR - the only energy bar specifically designed with the triathlete in mind.What should an athlete eat? 3BAR vegan, all-natural energy bar."

Video of 3BAR founder's story highlighted on "Fox Focus" segment.

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